Things That Have Creeped Me The Fuck Out

Strangely Specific

I was a squeamish kid. Anything and everything scared me; heights, bugs, blood, thunder… Man, was I a giant wimp. I only ever read one Goosebumps book because it gave me nightmares for weeks. Hell, even Courage the Cowardly Dog scared the living daylights out of me.

Something changed, though. At some point in my early teens, a flip switched. Probably the same flip that made me the apathetic bastard I am today. I don’t think I’ve been scared since. Even when I got mugged at knifepoint that one time, I’m pretty sure I was more annoyed than scared.

Anyway, here’s a bunch of things that have managed to creep me out over the years.

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Things With Blue People In Them That Don’t Suck As Much As Avatar

Strangely Specific

God, I hate Avatar. It’s the most overrated piece of shite I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching, and I have a younger sister so I’ve seen the first two High School Musical films. It’s not that it’s basically Pocahontas in space, or that the overhyped 3D didn’t nearly justify having to wear two pairs of glasses. It just sucked.

Look, there’s a very real possibility my hatred is a result of going to see it as a 7th wheel. Yes. 7th wheel. The acquaintances (I don’t consider them friends any more for obvious reasons) I went to see it with failed to inform me that I’d be the only person without the option of just making out at the boring parts. Also, one of them was my lift home so I just resigned myself to methodically taking apart my 3D glasses for the majority of the film.

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Hey look, a blog with words and things

This morning I woke up with an insatiable desire to start blogging regularly again. Yeah, I have my college blog but I only need to post there once a month. Once a month. Do you have any idea how long a month is? Like, 30 days. Sometimes even 31.

I can’t use my Tumblr because that’s become a cesspit of cat GIF reblogs and fangirling over Scott Pilgrim. Twitter doesn’t work either because 140 characters is far too little to say much more than “I HATE ____ BECAUSE ____”. And Facebook? Hahahahahahahaha no.

So yeah, I decided to revive this blog. I say revive because I actually made it over a year ago, spent hours deciding what theme I liked then never actually posted anything. That’s not actually reviving, is it?

Anyway, expect OPINIONS and THOUGHTS. That’s what you post on blogs, right? Also reblogs of my college posts since WordPress is trying so hard to be Tumblr these days. And cat GIFs from my Tumblr. Maybe even some links to things I like. I dunno, I’ll surprise myself.

P.S. There’ll be a better title next time, promise.